Why Filter Water in Australia?

Before And After Water Cartridges

Filter water before you drink it your body will thank you. Most people are unaware of what is in their water and why they should filter water before drinking it. This include people who have the water supplied by the

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Reverse Osmosis explained simply

Reverse Osmosis is a process that was discovered and understood well enough to be made reliable about 40 years ago On the right is a diagram which depicts a “Reverse Osmosis Plant”. Though much simplified basic it is showing the

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Coffee and Water

Ask any coffee lover if the type of water matters in their morning  cup of coffee (or hourly)  and just about everyone will say “yes”. There are three types of water available to home :  affordable filtered water, tap (town)

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Bottled Water and the Environment

We all know that bottled water has become increasingly popular in Australia in last decade or so. Less well know is that plastic bottles generate an enormous amount of waste that is ending up in local dump (landfill) or local

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Which is the best water filter for me?

This is a difficult question to answer so we think you could ask yourself a series of questions about how do you use water. 1. How much water does your household drink are you big water drinkers  ? Most people

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How to make better Home Brew Beer

At FilterWater.com.au  we have a great suggestion for making a better home brew. A lot of people ask me what is so special about the home brew beer I  love to make and this is usually from other home brew

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American Dental Association (ADA) publication about fluoride for infants

If you have some spare time I believe it is  worth reading an interesting publication produced the ADA (American Dental Association). It is a 70+ page PDF document called “Fluoridation Facts“  it provides some interesting information about fluoride and what

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What is an Undersink Water Filter ?

5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water System

An undersink water filter system is an advanced type of filtration system that fits neatly under you sink, hence the name undersink (or under sink) water filter system. It help will make drinking water safer for your family with improved

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